Aug 08

Beveland launches ZIGNUM Mezcal in the European market

Beveland have accumulated a long experience of more than 20 years manufacturing and commercialising spirits and liqueurs at both national and international level, present in more than 60 countries around the world.

All this experience has made it possible for us to offer products of the highest quality, renowned in their respective markets, and adapting ourselves to the taste of the consumer.

In this sense, Beveland launches ZIGNUM in the Spanish market, a mezcal with D.O. protection in Oaxaca (Mexico), made by the prestigious company of Casa Guillermo Armando Prieto, owner of the largest mezcal producing factory in the world.

ZIGNUM, the mezcal born from the union of Mexican tradition and the new school of mezcal producers and modern techniques

In the last several years mezcal has gone from being a traditional beverage enjoyed by few, to a fashionable drink in restaurants, cocktail lounges, and ball rooms in the main trend-setting cities on a global level. This interest has resulted in an increase in its consumption of more than 78% in the last year, according to data from the Mexican Ministry of Agriculture.

ZIGNUM is 100% agave mezcal, to be enjoyed neat or mixed.

The secret of success of ZIGNUM lies in the fact that during its manufacturing process the smoky flavour of traditional mezcal is eliminated. The result is a mezcal that can be mixed, offering a smoother and silkier experience to the palate.

Everything is set to introduce ZIGNUM into the European market as of January 2016 with a large communications campaign that will support the launch. We would like to count on your invaluable support in bringing the culture of mezcal to every corner of the globe.

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